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After another cold winter that caused heating products to be in short supply again, we are encouraging our customers to get their orders in early for firewood, wood pellets, and coal.

We have ample inventory at all of our stores at the moment, but could see supplies dwindle by the end of summer. Contact your closest store today to find out what brands are currently available.

If you are looking to save money on home-heating fuel, we can help! We offer these alternatives to expensive heating oil:

• Coal (bagged)
• Firewood (bulk and bundled)
• Kindling
• PFS Compressed Firelogs
• Hot Bricks
• Wood Pellets
• Propane (portable bottles refilled)

Please contact us for current market pricing and availability of all heating products. Ask about local delivery of coal, firewood, or wood pellets.

If you need help with heating costs, Osborne’s Agway is a source of subsidized heating products. We accept letters of credit from Merrimack/Belknap Community Action and Southern New Hampshire Services for the purchase of coal, firewood, or wood pellets.

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